Brief Sayings from the Holy Fathers on Liturgy and Life

This week I am on a much-needed vacation with my husband. So, in keeping with the past few months’ journey through the Divine Liturgy, I want to share with you two wonderful quotations.

First, something to remember each time we enter into worship in church:

Following His Ascension, the Lord sits with his Heavenly Father in the heavens and at the same time, He is present with the faithful Christians in the Divine Liturgy… His Presence fills the earth… and the heavens! Thus, together with Christ, the Christian who is in the Church and communes is at the same time on earth and in heaven. — St. John Chrysostom

And, as we leave the temple and go out into the world to interact with family, strangers, coworkers, friends, and enemies:

The rose does not speak, but puts forth a strong fragrance. We too, should put forth fragrance, pour forth spiritual fragrance, the fragrance of Christ. The fragrance of our deeds should be heard from far around: good, pure, and righteous deeds, full of love. Only thus can the kingdom of God appear within our hearts, appearing not through words, but with power. Amen. — St. Luke of Simferopol

May you bring the life-giving fragrance of Christ into the lives around you! Until we meet again in a few weeks . . .

[Photo by pasja1000 on Pixabay]

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