New Podcast Begins with a Series on “Stumbling Stones on the Orthodox Road”

For the past two years on this blog, we’ve been exploring the experiential side of living and learning Orthodox Christianity. This focus on Orthopraxy, the day-to-day practice of Orthodox life and worship, will continue here biweekly. And next Wednesday, January 13th, my companion podcast will debut, also called Walking an Ancient Path. (What I lack in imagination, I make up for in consistency.)

[Podcast image by the amazing Matt Dorning]

With our busy lives, many of us like to find information in a variety of formats. Some old-school folks, like me, prefer reading. On paper. My younger daughter adores video podcasts. And others enjoy audio podcasts, which are convenient while driving, walking, or preparing meals.

So, in order to reach people who prefer to listen and learn about the why’s and how’s of daily life and worship in the Orthodox Church, I’ve spent the past six months creating this podcast. The content on both platforms will be basically the same.

Occasionally I will record and publish content that will feel very familiar to readers of this blog. This might be because some of my previous work fits the liturgical season or a relevant topic. I’ll let you know when that happens. But most of my work going forward will be new.

Next week, on the blog and in the podcast, I will begin a series called “Stumbling Stones on the Orthodox Road.” This is a multi-episode examination of the parts of Orthodox Christianity that trip people up, whether they’re inquiring into Orthodoxy or committing themselves more deeply to their childhood Faith. I stumbled over these obstacles many times on my way into the Church—issues like the Sacrament of Confession, using written prayers, and asking the saints to pray for us.

Our first topic is a common stumbling stone on the Orthodox road, especially for those of us from a nondenominational background. We’ll discuss that sometimes beautiful, sometimes alienating feeling of rigid tradition at church in a post/episode called “Learning to Love Liturgical Worship.” It really is possible to love the liturgy, even if you’re from a happy-clappy church background.

If you happen to think about it, I would greatly appreciate your prayers that God would use my musings to reach the people who need help and encouragement. Otherwise, what’s the point?

I hope you can join me next week, with your eyes or with your ears, as we journey on this ancient path together.



  1. I very much look forward to listening to your podcast. I have a family member who likes Orthodoxy but is struggling with much of the “strangeness”. This will be a great resource!

  2. Wonderful! Thank you so much fir starting this… I’m a catechumen now and some things I do struggle with.
    I’m looking forward to this… let’s get the word out!

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