About Me

My name is Lynnette Horner, and I am a writer, freelance copy and developmental editor, wife, mother of four adult children (I was a child bride, thank you), and lifelong Christian. I spent most of my journey of faith as an Evangelical, and by 2009, I was burned out, weary, and disillusioned with the many expressions and conflicting teachings of Protestant Christianity and felt I had nowhere to turn. (Jesus wasn’t the problem; He never is.)

After a few years of searching and study, in 2012 I was received into the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church along with my husband and two younger children. I’m still a work in progress, but in Orthodoxy I found the beauty of solid, unchanging theology and a clear spiritual path for growing in Christ and becoming united with Him.

In this blog, I hope to help other weary, burned-out pilgrims explore the daily joys and struggles of Orthodox faith and practice in order to find hope, renewed faith, and community in Christ and His Church. I don’t have all the answers, but most of the time I know where to look. I will write about struggles with prayer and worship, the cultural adjustments on the journey into Orthodoxy, and the reexamination of inherited beliefs. We won’t go super-deep into theology and history; other far more learned people have written on these subjects, and I’ll link you to their articles and books.

I will also interview priests, iconographers, and other pilgrims on this journey of salvation. Together we will listen to the collective wisdom of the ancient Church fathers and mothers, explore sacraments and everyday ascetic practices, and figure out how to walk through the rhythms of the ecclesiastical year in our modern, short-attention-span world.

There is hope. And that hope cannot be found in the next new thing, but in the wisdom of the past. Let’s journey together.