The Forgotten Space between Christā€™s Burial and Resurrection

I hope you are having a blessed Holy Week! One vital part of this week has meant a lot to me over the last decade since I joined the Orthodox Church. Tucked into Holy Weekend, between Jesusā€™ Crucifixion on Friday and His glorious Resurrection on Sunday, the Church celebrates Jesusā€™ triumphant Harrowing of Hadesā€”something that was once proclaimed in Protestant theology but has essentially been dropped. Ā  If you speak of theā€¦

Halfway There: Refreshment for Weary Lenten Pilgrims

A blessed Easter week to all of you in the Western tradition, whether you are Protestant or Roman Catholic. Christ is risen! This year on the Eastern Christian calendar, Pascha (Easter) is an entire four weeks later than in the West. Some years we celebrate on the same day, and other times our calendars diverge by a week or two. I can never remember the reasons for the variations, but no matterā€¦