Smoke Signals: The Fragrance of Prayer for Church and Home

[A few weeks ago we considered the physicality of Orthodoxy and the necessity of in-person services, so I thought this would be a good time to consider more deeply the beauty and symbolism of incense in worship. This post is an expanded version of one I published in September of 2019. Why another retread? Well, for one thing, it fits. But more importantly, in our intermittent series “Stumbling Stones on the Orthodox…

Coffee without Controversy

[The original version of this post was published in November 2018. Since I began podcasting in January, I am doing a bit of “recycling” of subjects that new listeners and readers might relate to. ‚ÄĒ LH] Last Sunday I stood in my church‚Äôs fellowship hall with my Styrofoam cup of coffee, rejoicing that Coffee Hour has returned. I was savoring the genuine half-and-half on a non-fasting day and feeling content after another‚Ķ